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Please, let me be your bitch...

Name: Veronica
Nickname: Nika, V
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Location: New Orleans, LA (school)/Atlanta, GA (home)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Sadist or Masochist: Both, but I lean more towards masochist.
How did you hear about community: I was browsing through LJ and stumbled upon it.


Favorite sexual “accessory”: cuffs ^.^
Favorite color: black
Favorite food: chocolate
Favorite animal: penguin
Favorite article of clothing: corset
Favorite part of body: Of my body? Boobs.

Rate on a scale of 1-10:

Your physical looks: 7
Your personality: 8
How much you enjoy sex: 8

State your opinion on the following:

Whips: Wielded by someone who knows what they're doing? Hell yes.
Paddles: Good times.
Flogs: Also good times.
Gags: Can be very fun.
Razors: If I'm in the mood for bloodplay. I've got to be in the right headspace.
Pinwheels: Enjoyable.
Harnesses: Perhaps.
Binding: Yay.
Fire: I like fire. I like setting things on fire. I do NOT like setting MYSELF on fire.
Ice: Is cold and melty and fun.
Wax: Is hot and drippy and wonderful.
Cages: Not so much.
Hoods: Maybe.
Chains: ^.^ Please.
Restraints: Yes indeed.
Needles: I haven't tried play piercing yet. But I do enjoy getting real piercings.
Collars: I'm not into the 24/7 master/slave thing, but I enjoy them for play. If I was in a committed relationship, I might wear a simple one to show my committment.
Leather: On the right person.
Clamps: Can be fun.
Rope: There's little I enjoy more than being tied up. I'd love to do shibari with someone who really knows what they're doing.

Word association: type the first thing that comes to mind when you see the word:

Oink: Pig
Dolls: Barbie?
Wiggly: Squirm
Moo: Cow!
Peeb: Bwuh?
Candy: Sweet
Computers: Great
Screwdriver: Vodka!
Groceries: Food
Pencil: Writing
Hair: Brush

Name 5 favorite bands:
+ The Living End
+ Ladytron
+ Red Hot Chili Peppers
+ Rolling Stones

Name 5 favorite songs (don’t necessarily have to correspond with bands above):
+ "Vanilla"--Gackt
+ "Destroy Everything You Touch"--Ladytron
+ "Caraluna"--Bacilos
+ "Astoria Paranoia"--The Living End
+ "Tainted Love"--don't remember the original artist, but the Marilyn Manson cover is pretty good too.

Name 5 favorite movies:
+ The Rocky Horror Picture Show
+ A Beautiful Mind
+ Wallace and Grommit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
+ Moulin Rouge
+ Serenity

Name 5 things you like to do most:
+ Spend time with my friends
+ Read good books/stories
+ Sing/anything musical
+ Doodle and daydream
+ Sleep ^.^

Name 5 words that describe you best:
+ Creative
+ Loyal
+ Loving
+ Offbeat
+ Sincere

Post some pictures of yourself:

The last is the most recent. Not the best pic, but I was just goofing around with my camera.

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Tainted Love - Soft Cell (was the original artist) Welcome!
Thank you muchly! I am a repository of useless information, but I was missing that tidbit.
No probs. I too know much that is useless...

But great for trivia nights.