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Please Let Me Be Your Bitch

Name: Devon
Sex: M
Age: 33
Location: Southeast
Sexuality: Bi
Sadist or Masochist: Sadist
How did you hear about community: Random Wandering


Favorite sexual “accessory”: restraints
Favorite color: Black
Favorite food: Thai
Favorite animal: cats
Favorite article of clothing: anything of beautiful silk
Favorite part of body: brain

Rate on a scale of 1-10:

Your physical looks: milage varies
Your personality: milage vaires
How much you enjoy sex: milage varies

State your opinion on the following:

Whips: serpent kisses
Paddles: practical but not thrilling
Flogs: can be nice
Gags: not interested
Razors: knives are more aesthetically pleasing
Pinwheels: special occasions
Harnesses: shrugs
Binding: yes
Fire: leaves me cold
Ice: rarely
Wax: not pleasing
Cages: not especially
Hoods: neutral
Chains: sometimes
Restraints: oh yes
Needles: yes
Collars: but of course
Leather: can be very nice
Clamps: definetly
Rope: prefer leather restraints

Word association: type the first thing that comes to mind when you see the word:

Oink: trufflesnuffling
Dolls: ribbonbound
Wiggly: flesh
Moo: milk
Peeb: Feeb
Candy: kisses
Computers: Shaitan
Screwdriver: lounge lizards
Groceries: grossouts
Pencil: penis(dont ask, I have no idea why)
Hair: my ponytail

Name 5 favorite bands:
+Dead Can Dance
+ThrillKill Kult
+Led Zepplin
+Switchblade Symphony

Name 5 favorite songs (don’t necessarily have to correspond with bands above):
+Why Must we Wait-Tina Turner
+Christian Zombie Vampires-ThrillkillKult
+Sympathy for the Devil
+Plastic Fantastic Lover

Name 5 favorite movies:
+Dr Stragelove
+The Matrix
+Ong Bak Thai Warrior

Name 5 things you like to do most:
+go walkabout
+martial arts
+sadist/pain artiste to willing partners

Name 5 words that describe you best:

Post some pictures of yourself -not on a first date
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greetings and welcome
your application is intriguing
me share a lot of the same interests, especially when it comes to restraint...