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Please, let me be your bitch…

Name: ian
Nickname: soumistrentine
Sex: male
Age: 30
Location: mansfield, nottinghamshire, uk
Sexuality: bi-curious
Sadist or Masochist: masochist with sadistic tendencies
How did you hear about community: found it, through a search, on a couple of my LJ interests


Favorite sexual “accessory”: pinwheel, or leather wrist cuffs.
Favorite colour: green
Favorite food: chocolate
Favorite animal: squirrel
Favorite article of clothing: short-sleeved casual shirts
Favorite part of body: on me, not sure. on women, feet. on men, the cock!

Rate on a scale of 1-10:

Your physical looks: eurgh, nerdish, 4-5?
Your personality: 8
How much you enjoy sex: sex itself - 2. sexual activity, eroticness, kink - 9.

State your opinion on the following:

Whips: never tried, but would love to.
Paddles: never tried, would be interesting.
Flogs: never tried, might be interesting.
Gags: mmm, silence me! ball-gags are the best, imho.
Razors: not my scene ...
Pinwheels: fantastic items!
Harnesses: never tried, but bring 'em on!
Binding: yes!
Fire: oooh not sure about that one.
Ice: sure, why not ...
Wax: never tried, not sure i'd like it.
Cages: fab idea!
Hoods: can be useful, at times, yes :)
Chains: mmmm :)
Restraints: yes yes yes !!!!
Needles: not my scene ...
Collars: sure!!
Leather: restraints, yes. clothing, no.
Clamps: tried it, wasn't impressed.
Rope: tie me up, make it tight!!

Word association: type the first thing that comes to mind when you see the word:

Oink: 80s comic
Dolls: Dresden. As in the band.
Wiggly: toes :)
Moo: a cow; specifically a cartoon white-black patchy cow of the kind found on children's toys.
Peeb: a drunk teletubby.
Candy: sticks of coloured hard rock.
Computers: the Internet.
Screwdriver: small tool used for unscrewing bits of the above item. [does that make me a geek? :p]
Groceries: plastic bags
Pencil: the colour yellow. because when i was at school, most of them *were*. With black lines along the sides.
Hair: messy.

Name 5 favourite bands:
+ james
+ erasure
+ fredericks/goldman/jones
+ take that (ehhh)
+ beautiful south

Name 5 favourite songs (don’t necessarily have to correspond with bands above):
+ 'True Faith' - New Order
+ 'Two Out Of Three 'Aint Bad' - Meat Loaf
+ 'Disintegration' - Cure
+ 'Frou-Frou Foxes in Midsummer Fires' - Cocteau Twins
+ 'Drive' - Cars

Name 5 favourite movies:
+ 'Dr Strangelove'
+ 'Bridge on the River Kwai'
+ 'Life of Brian'
+ 'Se7en'
+ 'Casablanca'

Name 5 things you like to do most:
+ Surf the Internet
+ Walk in the Countryside
+ Eat Chocolate
+ Daydream
+ Be Tied Up ;)

Name 5 words that describe you best:
+ nerdy
+ eccentric
+ individualistic
+ intelligent
+ logical




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